Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Best Dressed

Wedding Dress:



Groomsmen:black suit

            Jesse Neville

page boys:Ty, Chaz Neville, black suit with blue bowtie

Bridesmaids:         David's Bidal website: www.davidsbridal.com


        shoes: silver

            Cassie -Dress F14050 in Cornflower with a white bolero - JS9239

            Janette -Dress F11165 in Cornflower with a cornflower bolero - 83968

            Courtney -Dress 84936 in Cornflower with a white bolero - JS9239

            Laura - If Ihave to order the dress without her having a chance to see the choices             sinceshe’s on her mission, I think I'll get F12385 for her.  I'll ask if she wants a white   bolero ora cornflower one.

            Natasha Neville



Mother of the Bride -Working on it!

Mother of the Groom Lisa: Dress 8567 in Marine with a marine bolero - 83968

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