Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Utah Reception

Utah Reception

Wedding Coordinator-
Location:1800 Mueller Park Rd

Time: 3:30-5:00pm
Building contact:

Scheduled for:


            decorate: Friday at _____________

            last minute décor

            reception line open 3:30

            speeches/special music numbers?-no speeches, daddy daughter dance, Bryan Fernelius piano number,

            Cake cutting
           dance Bridal couple, daddy daughter dance,
            Throwing bouquet? NO garter toss  

            Send off         

            clean up
Food-Arthur & Kathy, RaDene & Eric, and Darnell & Holly have agreed to serve ice cream.

photo montage-Mark Fernelius

guest sign in book-DJ and Cassie


present table-Benjamin, Ty




            list of items from California

            list of items from Utah

Bride's Bouquet-BYU pick up Friday,

bridesmaids:Natasha, Destinee, Shalayna, Janise-Matron, Cassie, Janette, Courtney. Jen (Maid)

groomsmen boutonniere  -Make friday from white roses        

Table centerpieces for 10 tables:   white roses from Costco, delivered to     

o   tall glass vases -purchase in Utah, @Target

o   w/ blue colored stones, purchased in CA @ Dollar Tree & Target

o   distilled water, purchase in Utah @ Macey's

o   orchids submerged, order from_____________    

o   blue glass stones, purchased in CA @ Target

o   lit by underwater lites purchase in CA @ JoAnnes w/ coupon

Food: Icecream  bar



o   Icecream: purchase in Utah @ ____________

o   Ice: purchase in UT @_____________

o   Coolers, borrow from:


o   glass bowls for toppings

o   fabric wrapped containers holding ice for ice cream

o   napkins

o   spoons

o   clear plastic bowls for guests

o   wet wipes?



o   frozen pineapple juice and

o   sprite (purchase in UT)

o   ice water


o   clear plastic cups

o   punch bowl    

o   dipper


o   nuts

o   candy 

o   sprinkles

o   carmel

o   hot fudge

o   oreo cookies

o   strawberries

o   whipped cream


            cake and cupcakes chef: Leslie Neville

            items needed:

o   cake

o   cupcakes

o   cake stand from CA

o   server

o   dishes

o   napkins

idea: while your guests are enjoying their cake, why not give th3em and yourselves a sneak preview of your wedding photos? Using the latest in wireless technology, a short montage of the best shots can then be shown set to your favorite music.


            ?music dj or MC-_Kara???___________________

            ipod collection -____________________

            background music?


            Mark's favorite song-

            Kaitlynn's favorite song-

            dance for bride and bride's father-

            1st dance for  bride and groom-

            kids dance-

            final song


Photography: Twylla Gibbens and Sarah Atkinson

            contact info: (520)723-9373

                        cell: 9480 0221-7601

                        5543 East Flowing Spring, Florence, AZ 85232






The Send Off:

bubbles? rose petals? sparklers? Since their venue didn’t allow anything to be thrown that could potentially litter the grounds, they turned to Ecofetti - which turns out is the same thing used for “snow” on movie sets. It dissolves in water so it’s easily washed away with a hose. This is a great alternative (and eco-friendly for eco-conscious brides) to birdseed, sparklers, rose petals, etc. And, if it gets stuck in your hair, it dissolves when you shower.

Paparazzi exit? guests are given disposable cameras as they head outside to prepare for your exit. Hve the MC encourage those with their own flash cameras to bring themoutside as well. When everyone is in position, the two of you race outside ast he gurest  greet you like a rabid throng of paparazzi trying to cpture photos of a Hollywood's latest power couple arriving for a movie premiere.

decorated car?


let MC know

change into departure outfits or still in wedding dress?

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