Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Temple Wedding

Temple Wedding
location: Bountiful Temple
date: Aug 13th

temple contact number: (801) -296-2100

460 South bountiful Boulevard

1-15 exit 316 (500 South) or 1-15 exit 317 (400 North)

Bride and groom and escorts arrive at _________________

Guest arrive at ____________________

Items needed: Temple recommends

                                    Bridal emergency kit  (include safety pins, needle and thread, aspirin,                                                 bobby pins, breath mints, panty hose, makeup, etc.)



 Outside  Photography: Twylla and Sarah

Daycare  for children:

For those guests not in temple: (ring ceremony?)

guests attending:

bride, brides parents, groom, groom's parents

Sheena and Derek Searls,

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